School Social Worker

The school social worker volunteer works with the employed Calcutta Rescue social worker at both of our Calcutta Rescue schools, helping to develop new and improve existing social work processes (assessment, case work, record keeping, etc.). They also perform outreach work and community outreach at students’ homes (mostly the nearby bustees – slums). The target group consists mainly of children, juveniles and young adults (students) with multiple social issues, who come from vulnerable families. Within the school, the objectives include direct service including behaviour intervention for the students and their families; work with individuals or small groups of students; informing school personnel of social work findings through the evaluation process; and acting as liaison person with other community social agencies. The school social worker acts as the link between home, school and community to promote and support students' academic success and to bring about greater cohesion between the students and their social surroundings.  The school social worker serves as the primary mental health provider for students. They provide professional counselling services to students and their families to identify and provide interventions for various issues and problems faced by the students in their personal and academic spheres. 

To engage with all stakeholders, particularly the students, to ensure the best interests of the students and to act in an empathetic and caring manner at all times. The volunteer would be required to observe and advise the social worker on the following: 
1. Providing individual counselling and crisis intervention related to social issues 
2. Providing initial assessments, intervention/treatment and follow ups to students, as well as evaluation and monitoring of this process
3. Formulating and reviewing, and coordinating the implementation of, an individual care plan of action based on the assessment findings keeping track of individuals as well as of families 
5. Outreach work and home visits at the students’ homes
6. Providing individual and short-term family counselling as well as individual case management services 
7. Building and sharing knowledge through training for teachers and the social worker on issues relating to children’s rights, women’s rights, gender, sexual and reproductive health rights, policies and schemes, responding to violence, etc.
8. Building and sharing knowledge through training for teachers, the social worker and the psychological counsellor on issues related to data protection, ethical issues, clients’ rights (confidentiality, transparency, etc.) and participation 
9. Putting special emphasis on working with girls facing pregnancy, gender-based issues, child marriage, sexual abuse or domestic violence
10. Working with School Admin/APO/teachers to identify children with poor attendance, and working with families, children and school staff to prevent truancy
11. Identifying any useful approaches or support services necessary to improve the general wellbeing and safety of students, as well as referring them to other services as necessary, such as medical care, psychological counselling, dance training, hostels, etc.
12. Monitoring, evaluating and carrying out record keeping and tracking of students to ensure comprehensive annual statistics, and carrying out administrative tasks, as listed in the working schedule, to ensure continuity and efficiency in their way of working
13. Monitoring the effectiveness of current service providers in place for students and managing relationships with new providers 

Other Desirable Skills/Qualities:
1-Experience of working in a developing country 
2- Experience of liaising with other agencies
3-Experience of supervision and training of staff 
4-Good verbal and written English
5-Ability to take initiative and work with little support 
6- Ability to use WP/computer
8-Commitment to volunteering overseas Qualifications/Experience:
9-A social work qualification and at least 2 years of work experience 
10-Another professional qualification in a subject such as educational science or early childhood education
11-Empathy and patience 
12- Good organizational skills 
13- Good communication skills 
14- Ability to work as part of a team 
15- Good networking skills 
How to apply
All volunteers would have to have certain minimal level of recruitment checks. If you have a Calcutta Rescue support group in your country of residence then you should apply for any vacant posts through their recruitment contacts. If you don’t have a Calcutta Rescue support group in your country then you can express an interest in volunteering by emailing us on


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