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ORG-Teach For India 

Location -Pune, Chennai

About Us

At Teach For India, we build a nationwide movement of leaders who work relentlessly to end educational inequity. Ten years into our journey we have 1000 Fellows who grow as leaders while teaching 38,000 low-income children and a growing movement of 3000 Alumni who work at all levels of the education system. We are the largest pipeline of driven, skilled talent into the educational ecosystem. Over the next 3 years, we aim to keep growing this talent pipeline, supporting our Alumni to have even greater impact and innovating constantly to get closer to our vision. Our work will only be done when we have built a movement of leaders large enough to ensure that every child in India attains an excellent education.
We pride ourselves as being a passionate, idealistic, mission-driven team of individuals. We’re committed to learning towards excellence in our roles and equally to practicing the values that shape us as people. We are an equal opportunities employer and provide compensation and benefits which are at the top of the NGO sector.

Position Summary

As leaders of a national movement, our Program Managers play a key role at the heart of their City Teams driving towards an ambitious, contextual and collective vision. They are responsible for the leadership journey of 15-20 Fellows and in their city by playing a role of manager and coach for them during their Fellowship. They have the mandate of enabling Fellows to bring our mission to life in the classrooms through co-creating a rich and effective ecosystem and leveraging their competencies to inspire a drive for excellence in the short term and a deep sense of purpose in the long term.
Program Managers will develop the key competencies of Fellow Development and the Three Commitments to Personal Transformation, Collective Action and Educational Equity in Fellows through individual coaching, group support and leveraging city trainings.

Team Overview

The Program Vertical is arguably one of the most consequential – and the most complex – verticals at Teach For India. It encompasses the core of our Fellowship program and impacts more than 1000 Fellows and 38,000 children directly. When taking into account its indirect impact for future Alumni, the calculation goes up astronomically.
Over the short and long term, Program is attempting to deliver on three impact statements -  
  • Transform the lives of children we serve directly
  • Develop our Fellows into long-term leaders prepared to lead this movement
  • Facilitate a strong cohort culture that has Fellows leaving as ambassadors of Teach For India and members of a larger movement

What Teach For India Can Offer You

1) A challenging yet flexible workplace in which every individual employee’s staff journey is tracked for excellence and leadership development.
2) A work environment in which employees’ holistic well-being is a core priority, enabling people to be their best selves.
3) The opportunity to be part of one of the most established and visionary movements in the education sector in India which is at a pivotal point in terms of expanding its scale and outreach across the nation and working with changemakers across the country.
4) Access to connections and resources from the global Teach For All network that includes partner organisations spanning 48 countries across 6 continents.
5) Remuneration that is competitive with Indian NGO pay scales and a benefits package that includes extensive medical insurance and maternity coverage for both parents


1. Fellow Support and Development:
  • Individual Fellow Support:
  • Develop, coach and manage a team of Fellows through essential activities such as Classroom Observations, feedback and aligned need-based learning experiences
  • Build a focus on personal transformation, collective action and educational equity by facilitating Leadership Conversations and connecting Fellows to learning opportunities within the City ecosystem for their development as teachers and leaders
  • Create specific and customized support strategies based on Fellow and classroom needs
  • Enable and support Fellows to design their classroom and personal goals and ensure accountability towards the same through regular interventions
  • Build capacity in Fellows to use a wide range of data (qualitative and quantitative) to analyze progress to goals, evaluate and increase effectiveness
  • Group Support:
  • Plan and execute effective peer-driven Learning Circles, technical support such as grade level circles and training sessions to enable Fellow development as teachers
  • Design on-going learning experiences that allow Fellows to connect all aspect of the Leadership Development Framework.
  • Create a strategic plan of support, aligned to City goals and Fellow needs that enables all Fellows to create learning environments, which actively encourages the development of student leadership
  • Collect, analyze and respond accurately and effectively to group wide data sets and evidence to understand underlying causes
2. Culture shaping within the city and Teams and overall contribution:
  • Build and execute a culture strategy for the Fellow team that is focused on personal transformation, collective action and educational equity with the child and their community at the center
  • Facilitate and enable shared learning, set up a support system for individual and group accountability within the Learning Circle and school teams
  • Provide support to the city team overall through other city wide projects as needed

Minimum Qualifications, Skills and Competencies

  • Basic Instructional Proficiency with at least one area of core content knowledge (Literacy, Math, Science,etc)
  • Ability to lead self and others to achievement
  • Effective and strong communication abilities
  • Decision making and judgement capacity
  • Ability to work with and manage teams
  • A minimum of two years teaching experience in a low-income school with a strong track record of building academics, values, mindsets, and pathways to opportunity with students or a holistic degree in Education

Preferred Qualifications, Skills and Competencies

  • People orientation and drive towards coaching and adult learning


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