Post graduate program in Development Leadership

Closing date-3rd June 2019
This is a 1 year full time management and leadership programme for the social sector. It has been conceived with the objective of developing passionate, committed, professional leaders and managers for this space. It serves the same purpose that an MBA programme does for the corporate sector.

Graduates from all fields are welcome to apply for this course. The candidates should have a strong inclination to work in the social sector and should be able to speak and understand English.

Course Fees
The Tuition Fees for the program is INR 400,000. We are a not for profit organization and the programme is being offered at huge subsidy. The course is much more affordable than other Similar programmes.
In addition, there are scholarships being made available to ensure that no student loses out an opportunity to study at ISDM for financial reasons. All students who decide to stay at our Hostel will get a living grant.

How to apply 
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