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The following current internship opportunities – EduCARE India NGO / and its affiliate partner organizations.The following non-profit, humanitarian, social justice, community benefit, and sustainable development NGO internship opportunities are available with EduCARE India and its affiliate partner NGO institutions.
Girls and Women Empowerment Program
  • Girls Club
  • Young Women’s Association
Micro-empowerment, Rural Economy, Poverty Alleviation Program
  • Financial literacy and Self Help Groups
  • Micro-finance & Micro-enterprise development 
  • Marginalised community empowerment
  • Rural Local Economy project 
Education and Life-skills Program
  • Education and Career Resource Centre / Library
  • English Teaching and Cross-cultural Communication
  • Computer and basic IT classes
  • After school children’s education/fun club program
Environment Conservation Program
  • Organic farming
  • Forestry
  • Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation
  • SWASH (Water Sanitation / Solid Waste Management)
  • Re-Store (Environmental conscious Rural Economy store)
  • Eco-Engineering and Alternative Renewable Energy
  • Natural and Eco-buliding 
Healthcare Outreach (Healthcare and Well-being for All) Program
  • ENRICH Access (Public Health Access, Awareness and Medical Records)
  • Community TAYUSH (Ayurvedic and natural remedies for preventive health)
  • Safe motherhoodchild development Family planning
  • Public Sanitation
  • Disaster Management and Emergency Planning for Public safety
  • GIS Mapping for Rural Sustainable Development
  • GIS Mapping for Disaster Risk Reduction & Emergency Preparedness
Management level positions (minimum 6 months commitment) 
  • VIKAS Dev SEVA Centre Manager
  • ViKAS Dev SEVA Cluster Coordinator
  • Internal Communications Manager / Coordinator
  • Marketing & PR Manager / Coordinator
  • Online Marketing and Sales Coordinator
  • Information and Knowledge Management Coordinator
  • Human Resources Manager / Coordinator
  • Operations Manager / Coordinator
  • Experience and Induction Manager / Coordinator
  • Information Technology Manager / Coordinator
  • Training and Development Manager / Coordinator
* Please note that an individual can undertake two or more internship job role(s) at the same time if desired with one being the primary role and the other being the secondary role.
How to apply,
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