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Closing Date- 03 June 2019
NIDM, with an objective to sensitize and orient students with the disaster management system and enable them to innovate and contribute new ideas and techniques to the subject of disaster risk reduction activities, has been admitting students from various Universities/Institutes for internship and masters/dissertation projects. This year also NIDM invites applications to admit students as interns. 
Eligibility: Students pursuing postgraduate courses shall be eligible, in general, for admission a
Duration of internship will, in general, be 8 weeks (2 months). 
Logistic Support:
Interns will be provided with the necessary logistics support, i.e. office space and computer with internet facility. 
Work Plan: 
Interns shall submit their detailed Work Plan, which would be approved with such modifications as may be considered necessary before they are admitted.
Opportunity to Interns: 
Interns will be provided the opportunity to attend/ facilitate workshops, conferences, and seminars conducted during the period of internship. 
Submission of Report
The interns will be required to present an Internship Report to NIDM at the end of the internship in the prescribed format. Interns may also be asked to make a presentation about their project activities and achievements.
Simultaneously, they will also be required to give their mandatory feedback on their experience of working in the concerned Divisions of NIDM. The concerned division/ faculty member will also give feedback on the overall performance of the intern.
Financial Support: 
The selected interns will be given with a monthly stipend of Rs. 10,000/- p.m. A special consideration for travel assistance for field work and data purchase, etc. may be considered by the ED NIDM on the recommendation of the concerned faculty supervisor on a case-to-case basis. 
Propriety of Report: 
The report submitted by the intern will be the sole property of NIDM and Institute is free to use its contents in any form of documentation. Although a copy of the report will be given to the intern and also to the concerned institution/ agency, who had sponsored the intern. 
Certificate of Internship
At the end of the internship, a certificate will be issued only to those who successfully complete the assigned project work and submit their Report within the stipulated time of internship (except in very emergent situations/ conditions). In such emergent cases, Executive Director NIDM will be the competent authority to grant permission for late submission of the report. 

Selection Process: 
The applications received for Internship and the proposals for study will be reviewed by the Selection Committee constituted for the purpose on the basis of the qualification and experience of the candidates and the merit of the study proposal. The final decision shall be taken by the Executive Director, NIDM. 
How to apply: 
The interested and eligible students must send their applications, along with their CVs and study proposal, in the enclosed prescribed format, duly forwarded by nominating institution/ agency, to the Executive Director, National Institute of Disaster Management, Ministry of Home Affairs, A-wing, 4th floor, NDCC-II Building, Jai Singh Road, New Delhi - 110001. The last date of receiving the applications for the internships is June 03, 2019. National Inst
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