How to write an internship report

Report writing has always been an important activity for the students and employees of any organization. Report writing helps us to make effective organizational communication and express the happenings in an informative way. You may have gone through different ideas of report writing and sorts of various formats: if you have not been satisfied with the tips you may try these tips for writing your report. Here we shall be talking about how you can prepare an internship report. Let's get started.
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Just Assume:
You have gone to an organization for two months of internship, and you are entrusted with some assignments and responsibilities from the organization. Following were the assignment and responsibility you are asked to discharge.
  • To conduct primary and secondary data collection
  • To document FGD meeting and to prepare a fortnight report.
  • To support project implementing team.
After having completed two months of internship, now you are asked to prepare an internship report. Now think how to go about to write the report. Before begin to write your report have the following things ready. 
  1. Keep ready your daily diary 
  2. Keep some selected photographs.
  3. Organize your information for your report
  4. Get ready any enclosures you wanted to keep.  
Now picturise the content of the report. What should be the content of the internship report?
1-Title page
2-College Certificate page*
3-Organization certificate
6-Executive summary
7-Content Page
9-Learning objective 
10-Brief overview of the internship assignment and activities 
11-Description of internship
13-Problems and challenges
14-Final assessment and conclusions 

Outline of the internship report
 A  Cover page

1-Intern name/ID /Name of the faculty.
2-Subject of the report
3-Internship start and finish date.
4-Name of the organization.
 B  College certificate
1-Your College may give certification.
 C  Organizational certificate.
1-Ask your organization to certify your report.
 D   Acknowledgment
1-In this the section you are acknowledging the contributor to your report.
 E  Executive Summary
1-Briefly explain little about your entire report
2-You can write an executive summary after completing your entire report.
 F  Content Page table
1-List out the content of the report with the page number so that the content can be easily found.
 G  Introductions
1-Mention briefly about your internship process. The background information and scope of the internship should be included in this section.
 2-You can also add an overview of the duration and work assignment in your report.
3-The purpose of your internship report
 H  Learning objectives
1-Clearly state your learning internship learning objectives.
  I   A brief overview of the internship assignment and activities 
1-Clearly state the type of work assignment and responsibility you carried out during the internship period. Mention how you went about doing it.
  J  Description of internship
1-In this section you can add a summary of the work you were assigned.
2-The technical aspect and details of your internship project should be mentioned.
3-The outcomes and results of your performances.
  K  Learning 
1-During the tenure of your internship what learning you did have.
2-Mention whether you achieved all your learning objectives.
3-Skills and qualities you develop during the internship.
4-Understanding various work of and scope of the organization.
  L   Problems and challenges
1-What problems and challenges you faced
 M   Final assessment and conclusions 
1-You’re summary of the key conclusion.
2-Your experience, recommendation and feedback.
Some important points to remember 
1-Make use of the photographs and tables for making your report more comprehensive and complete.
2-The font size of your report must be 12 points and keep your line space in between 1.5.
2- The ideal internship report should not be more than 30 pages.


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