How to write an evaluation report

Evaluation reports are crucial documents for every organization. It communicates the progress and result of every project of any organization. Your evaluation reports will give you ultimate feedback on your project accomplishment. It is very important for every project monitoring officer to exhibits efficiency of evaluating a project and preparing a report of it. The evaluation report is all about the product of the evaluation process. The basic aims of the evaluation report are to provide and disseminate the result of an assessment of the project, activities, programs, policies, and institutional operational areas. Often these reports are prepared by professional or experts. I am sure you must have figured out how it is important to know the process of writing a simple and technical evaluation report.

Now let's understand and think about the general structure and content of the evaluation report. It is very important to picturise in your mind about the format of the report. However, there are organizations which keep the different standard of the evaluation process for their project and programs. You don't need to be worried about their format, rather learn the basics of general evaluation report format: let's get started. 
General Tips for writing an evaluation report: The evaluator or the team must remember that who are the primary readers of the report? The readers may be project manager, the coordinator, the policy maker, the organizational head the researchers may be general public. Make sure that the tone of the report should be simple and understandable. Should be careful to address all the evaluation questionaries and issues with data-driven finding, justificable conclusion, and practical recommendation. 
     Content of the Evaluation Report:
  • Title of report
  • List of the abbreviation 
  • Content Table 
  • Executive summary 
  • An introduction and background of the program 
  • Purpose of the evaluation report
  • Summary of the program
  • Scope and limitations of the evaluation report 
  • Methodology /Procedures
  • Findings and analysis 
  • Conclusion 
  • Recommendation 
  • Annexures
  • Appendices 
      Synopsis of the evaluation report:

      Executive Summary:
The executive summary not necessarily contains new information. It is about the summarization of the entire content of the report. It should not be more than one or two pages. In this section, you may precisely discuss the following.
  • Brief description of the project/program/activities.
  • The purpose of the evaluation. 
  • Findings and conclusion.
      Background and objectives of the evaluation: 
The purpose of the report should be clearly defined. The following points, you can include in this section.
  • The purpose of the study. 
  • Description of objectives of the study.
  • and a summary of your project. 
Whatever the questions you have prepared for the evaluation should be linked in the purpose of the report  
      The methodology of evaluation:
In this section, the following important aspects should be included. as 
  • Process of data collection. 
  • Sampling procedures. 
  • Data Sources. 
  • Description of the responses of the respondent. 
  • Data processing and analysis. 
      The finding/Result:
It is the most important section of the report. You are required to present the key evaluation result with the proper interpretation of the finding., Use of tabulation, quote,, and graphs to emphasize important findings and to make it a comprehensive analysis. 
       Conclusion and Recommendations: 
The section should include restating the information precisely. In the part of the conclusion, there is a need for synthesizing the right judgment of the report keeping in view of the evaluation result. You should ensure that a reader must understand what evidence and finding the conclusion and recommendation supports. Under this section, it is to make a recommendation about program effectiveness, improvement, and changes that are required.
Mention and acknowledge any sorts of information about any report.books and publication that is cited in the report.
In this section, you can add additional information about supporting documents You can also mention in this section your questionaries, provide a copy of all data collection tools, that others may take help of your reports.
You may include the following information in your evaluation report.
  • Evaluation statement work. 
  • Description of evaluation design. 
  • Copy of actual data collection. 
  • List of information sources.
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