How to write a case study report

You must have been wondering, how case study report is prepared. It might have happened with you in many instances that you may have been asked to write up a case study report by your supervisor or your university teachers. Probably, you get stocked at thanking how the report is prepared. In this chapter, you can easily learn about writing a case study report. Let’s get started
A case study is a process to the record of research into the development of a person or group, a situation over a period of time. (Oxford dictionary) A case study is being called a research methodology that is frequently used in the social sciences. Let's understand it points wise.
 1- A case study is an analysis of a person, situation, event, period, policies and other systems which are studied.
 2- It is also known as an empirical inquiry that investigates to a context of a real-life situation
I hope you may have got the idea about the meaning of case study. Now let’s look at what is the context of the case study report.

 1  Introduction
 2 -Literature Review
 3 -Method
 4 -Discussion
 5 -Conclusion

The five points should be the main discussing components in the case study report. Now, how you can structure the report content. Look at the content description and a demo format.

Cover Page
Title and name of the case study report, institution affiliation, date, if necessary an author note
Table The Content
Indicate key page and content of the report with page number
Executive Summary
It is a short review of the report. Focus on point and the finding of your case study. You may provide one page hints of the entire report You can write your executive summary paragraph style or point to point.
An Introduction
Start writing the current situation with analysis of background including objectivity of the study and to give a road map to the reader to ascertain the scope and purpose of the study.
Analysis Or Body
Clearly mention the relevant details of the case of your study and make an analysis of it. You are required to write in a logical and coherent manner while writing the main subject of the report
Based on your analysis recommend for solving the problem. Before writing ensure what sorts of information does it contains in the recommendation
Mention that was used during preparing and implementing your study


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