Consultant Accelerator

Post-Consultant -Accelerator 
Location -Pune
Atma is an accelerator for Education. Our vision is to ensure quality education for all children and we do this by accelerating the impact of NGOs working in Education. Our basic model is to provide hands-on and bespoke consulting support to Education NGOs to enable them to sustain, strengthen and scale. We operate via 3 programmes- Accelerator, Remote Accelerator and Gati. So far, we have built the capacity of 62 Education NGOs across Mumbai and Pune in the last 10 years as part of our Accelerator programme. Our 2022 vision is to scale up to supporting 240 Education NGOs each year through the Accelerator, Remote Accelerator and Gati programmes. Our flagship programme- the Accelerator plays a key role in enabling this growth by supporting 40 Education NGOs per year by 2022. The Consultant- Accelerator role will enable the Atma growth by working with 4-5 Education NGOs (called Partners at Atma) as part of the Accelerator programme. 

Nature of responsibility: Lead 
1-Create strategy plans and annual implementation plans as part of the Atma partnership along with the Lead Consultant and Partner NGO 
2- Manage each partnership towards defined outputs and outcomes over a 2-3 year period 
3-Assemble resources and volunteers needed to support the partnership with support from the Atma team 
4-Support quarterly assessments of partnerships carried out by the Atma Impact team 
5-Participate in internal partnership planning and review exercises on a regular basis

How to apply 
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