Center Coordinator

PRITHAK FOUNDATION (PF) is a Voluntary, Non-Profit Organization (NPO) started by a group of motivated youth from the marginalized sections of society, who wanted to give back to their community for the opportunities that they received for their education and all-round development.
PF is a dynamic, young, community-based and formed by community people Voluntary & NPO. PF works in the communities of Sanjay Colony Slum in Okhla Industrial Estates, South Delhi.
We believe that education is the most powerful tool to break the cycle of poverty and are committed to providing young people from underserved communities with access to quality education programs and resources to help them achieve their true potential.
1-Managing: the Centre - Prithak Foundation Community Learning Center 
2-Preparing: weekly or monthly reports 
3- Attending: the various event for Fundraising 
4- Taking: the advantage of business opportunities 
5-Performing: administrative duties 
5-Budgeting: Annually and Monthly6-
6- Overseeing: the upkeep of the building 
7-Supervising: Volunteers and students at the center 
8-Planning, Monitoring, and Handling daily operations 

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