Call for application interfaith fellowship program

ORG-The network for religious and traditional Peace Maker
Closing  Date 9th June 2019
The Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers builds bridges between grassroots peacemakers and global players in order to strengthen the work done for sustainable peace. The Network strengthens peacemaking through collaboratively supporting the positive role of religious and traditional actors in peace and peacebuilding processes.
About the Fellowship
The Interfaith Fellowship Program will build the capacity and skills of local changemakers to challenge discrimination and oppression within both minority and majority religions in their own communities and implement projects contributing to inclusive societies. Fellows will operate in their countries and communities of residence, with occasional travel for Fellowship workshops. Selected Interfaith Fellows will include religious clergy, traditional community leaders, women, youth, and minority changemakers/influencers from strategic countries: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and broader Southeast and South Asia.

How to apply
Interested candidates should send their maximum 2-page CV, a 1- to a 2-page letter detailing their interest in the Fellowship Program in response to the program description and below selection criteria, and two letters of recommendation.
Please submit completed applications and questions to Mr. Philip Gassert, Project Manager,
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