Facts Of Unemployment In India.

Reports on unemployment in India neither very surprising nor it's new to us. But it is certainly alarming for the entire nation. It is a matter of serious concern to see the unprecedented increase in the pace of unemployment in India. I am wondering to think what would be the responses of Indian youth towards the occurrence of massive unemployment circumstances over the recent years? People narrative and attitudes towards higher education are considerably changing as there are reports prevails more education means less employment. I am still wondering to think, does education still prepare for the job? Check out some of the highlighted facts of the unemployment in India.
It was reported in India Today that candidates with professional qualifications like M.Tech, B. Tech, MBA and many graduates were in the race to grab the post of sweeper and Sanitary workers in Tamilnadu Assembly Secretary. It was also found out many diploma holders too were fighting for  10 posts (Sweeper and 06 Sanitary Worker)

The Economic Times  reported in August 30,2018 that over 93000 candidates including 3700 Ph.D. holder had applied for peon jobs in UP. According to the report, 50,000 graduates and 28000 PGs had applied for Messengers post in UP Police. Minimum eligibility qualification for the position was only class V. 

 It was reported in the Times of India around 12543 were interviewed for the class IV post in Rajasthan Assembly. But the MLA son got the job

A report of  Times of India says over 2.8 crore youth had applied for 90,000 jobs in Indian Railways. Applications were invited for 26,502 assistant local pilot, technicians, carpenters and crane drivers. The transporter also has given an advertisement for about 62,907 for  Gangmen, Switch Man, Track Men, Cabin Men, welders, Helper position.
According to the Tamilnadu Public Service Commission, recently they conducted clerk level job test for 9500 posts of typist and village administration officers. It was found that there were about 992 Ph.D. holders, 23000 MPhil degree holders,2.5 Lakh postgraduates and 8 Lakh graduates were among the applicant. This report was published in India Today  17Feb 2018.

Center for monitoring and Indian economy states in its report that the employment rate falls in 7.2 percent. This was reported to be higher than the 5.9 percent unemployment of the last year 2018. The total number of the employed person in February 2019   is estimated at 400 million, this is lower than 406 million employed in February 2018 and 407.5 million in February 2017

The country unemployment rate stood at 45 year high of 6.1 according to the report of  The Wire and Business Standard. It is also said that youth unemployment was much higher in 2017-18 than in the previous years.50Laks men have lost their jobs between 2016-18, shows the report. State of Working India said that the unemployment of the country has risen steadily since 2011.

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Higher qualification does not guarantee you job


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