Call For Internship Applications

Internship and Training in Research and Writing for Conservation Education programmes and Communication for Sustainable Development: 

  • 2 months up to 1‐year long internship opportunities at CEE Ahmedabad (full time and part time) 
  • Internship certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the programme 
  • *Stipend for professional services may be provided based on Personal interview

Internship Opportunities: 
CEE is offering opportunities for talented individuals to work on education for sustainable development projects as part of CEE Programme and Activities during the Internship period. CEE is engaged in implementing large scale programmes on conservation education, Interpretation programmes, working with schools and communities on the environment, waste management, behavior change education, pollution, water and sanitation, design and communication across India. 

Internships are immediately available in the areas of

  • Nature and Culture Interpretation and Education and Communication for Sustainable Development thematic areas and will involve carrying out initial research and writing for various media, data compilation from authentic sources and designing and layout. 
  • Interest in the field of nature & cultural heritage, biodiversity with good writing skills are required.  
  • Opportunities for travel to field sites may be provided based on the requirements.   Students who have completed the Bachelor's programme are encouraged to apply. The internship is open to University students as well. 

Interested applicants to apply immediately by filling in the online internship form available at CEE Internship form. 
Other areas where internship opportunities are available in CEE projects across India:

  •  Marketing, Brand building, Social Media networks, and developing materials for promotion.
  • Research, data compilation, and analytics, infographics, use of software for data compilation and infographics, etc.
  • IT projects – developing web‐platforms, creating websites, Apps, online learning platforms like Moodle, etc. 
  • EE Projects ‐ Science and Social Science textbook analysis, activity-based learning modules, training the material compilation, web‐research, project implementation, documentation, report writing, etc.


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