6 Reasons to go for fellowship programs

There may have been several conceptions among the students about the fellowship program and some of them are not sure what the fellowship program is about. Do they actually understand the significance and importance of the fellowship program? Do they know the impact of the fellowship program on their education and career? There are people who think the fellowship program does not contribute to employment opportunities. This comprehension may not right. I do have 6 reasons to recommend you for the fellowship program and probably it may also answer the above questions.
Fellowship program is designed to be in the form of short or long term opportunities in various fields .it is mostly sponsored and programmed by various organizations and corporate bodies. It gives tremendous scope to the students and youth community to build themselves by short and long term engagement. Fellowship program is often believed to be much better than the regular employment in terms of learning, compensation, and scope. These programs are carefully planned and designed by professionals with having objectivity and reflection of organizational orientation towards the empowerment of youth. If you are a graduate or a postgraduate not yet decided for the job, better choose to go for prior professional work experience to test the possibilities. Why should you go for the fellowship program? The following are the reasons. 
1-It is an opportunity to learn and experience. 
The Fellowship program is uniquely designed with the constructive phase of learning in specialized areas. The area may be of education, social policy, rural development, etc. Each fellow is guided through mentorship approaches under the banner of a different model of learning engagement. It gives the experience of working with a team, learning of different work processes, learning of adaptability and self-adjustment, gaining experience of delivering responsibility, the experience of working with diverse group members, learning in the thought process, etc.
2-Provides scope for personal and professional development. 
It provides scope for self-development through different practical assignments and involvement in various predesignated activities. It gives space for sharing and learning the problem-solving methods, public speaking, conflict resolution, team management, teamwork, learning to report and presentation, expressing innovative ideas through demonstration, learning to maintain interpersonal engagement, and scope for developing creativity, etc
3-Helps to create a professional Network. 
The most wonderful features of the participating fellowship program are about meeting new people from a diverse background of education and culture. There is a fellowship program where participants coming from different education domains like engineering, management, public health, humanities, and public policy. It provides opportunities to exchange ideas, thought, knowledge as well as to create a community of young qualified people with mentors. It gives a chance to create and develop a network with them.
4-It opens an opportunity for employment.  
It becomes possible to get employment after fellowship programs, as the host organization recommends and refers the fellow to the different partner organizations. Some hosting organizations keep their fellows as an employee. It connects with the alumnus who is always ready to mentor and provide a reference as well.
5-Provides financial assistance.
The participants are provided financial assistance and other benefits during the tenure of the fellowship program. The range of financial assistance differs from organization to organization. There is a host organization who provide accommodation along with financial support. Some fellowship amount is considerably better than the entry-level salary of fresher graduate.  
6-Provides certificate and recognition.  
There is common apprehension among students who think that, since they do not have the experience hence may not get a good job. However,this notion is appeared to be right. Fellowship program provides experience certificate with their brand name which gives values to the candidature of the participants. They get a job with the brand name of the organization. The host organization also recognizes all the participants by keeping their records in their website and make them be part of the great alumni community.
I would suggest and recommend you for a fellowship program if you do not have a job or have recently graduated from university and not sure what you are going to do. Fellowship program is a holistic approach, it can give you the knowledge, experience, exposures, salary, employment,, and recognition too. I would conclude by saying the fellowship program can be an alternative to free time for learning and prospering. 


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