Two mistakes are sometime unrealized

The entire article is neither very philosophical nor very impractical. But it is actually inspired by the progressive experience of people. I am trying to address the two mistakes of our life which are remained unnoticed and unrealized. Those who have realized have experienced the greatest possibilities of their life. Have you ever wondered in thinking why are some people successful? and achieved what they wanted to achieve and why some people are not? Because they never repeated the same mistake again in their life. Let’s discuss the two unrealized mistakes of our life.

Mistakes No-1-Unrealizing that time is an opportunity 

Do we really sense it? Our days are running out and time is passing. We are not certained how many days are left to live. We genuinely failed to realize and understand the time as an opportunity itself. Every moment you lived in 1-second ego was the gift of the time. Your each and every moment turns out to be an extraordinary experience and memory to live for the entire life which will never be going to happen again in the same manner in your life. Money lost can be found, trust broken can be restored but the opportunities the time gives never be recreated. Time always in motion no matter who you are and what you are, it does not stop for no one and each person is given the equal time of opportunities.  Very often we do not value and introspect the presence of time and an invisible message. However, from our childhood, we were been told that the time is very precious but never been told the time itself is an opportunity.

The day you practically understand and realize that each moment of your life is very special, unique, precious, and full of opportunities, on the day your life will start transforming. We are habituated of ignoring the importance of time and its hidden message hence we often failed to recognize the opportunities. There is a saying “Time is short not for the rest think your aim and do your best” Your every way of life are full of opportunities you create your future with these opportunities. Our future success is based on the way we use of present opportunities. Consider your failures itself as an opportunity to rethink to evaluate and to understand. Our life is one-way street we can only go ahead but can't rewind. Hence be sensitize and realize your time as an opportunity.

Mistake No -2- Unrealizing Self-Potentialities 

 Very often we do not aware of our genuine strength and potentialities. Our general tendency is to focus on our weakness then recognizing the existing strength. We are very smart enough to identify the strength and ability of our friends and colleagues but do not pay desirable attention to recognize our self potentialities. Every Individual is unique and gifted with some specific potentialities. It is vitally important to make use of it in various filed such as in our society, academic and workplaces. The most disgusting factor commonly we have that we tend to make pre-judgment before actually doing it. Let me illustrate a story for better understanding.
There was a young graduate student who was not good at study. But always used to participate in all college programs. He always exhibited his immense passion for helping and organizing the programmes in the college. Looking into his passion and activeness, the principal of the college selected him as a team leader in the event organizing committee. Gradually he started receiving the appreciation for his number of remarkable success in organizing programs. After one year he got one job in one of the marketing company, he could able to raise the sale of the company by organizing outdoor marketing events. In this process, he established himself and was being promoted to a higher position.
 What did you notice from the story? Even though he was not good at study he knew that he was a good event organizer. He made use of event organizing skills in his workplace and could able to manage his success. He discovered different dimensional implication of his potentialities and connected it with his daily work. 

These two aspects of life are generally not realized by many and ignored deliberately. However, These two mistakes may not appear to be compelling and appealing nevertheless it plays an important role in making us either success or failure.

In the end, I would tell time is not only precious but indeed an opportunity if we make conscious and particular use of the time we may never see a  day of disappointment and day of frustration. Furthermore, our inherent potentialities are our power and  greatest tools for our success.


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