Application are invited for Smile Fellowship

What is Pravah SMILE Fellowship? 

Student’s Mobilisation Initiative for Learning through Exposure (SMILE) is envisioned as a learning and leadership journey that we facilitate for/with young people. Pravah SMILE ellowship is a crucial juncture on this journey where we aim to create self and social impact by enabling youth to take up leadership roles in self-created 5th spaces. This 6 months long program provides fellows (aged 18-25 yrs) with intensive learning and leadership opportunities, through designing, facilitating and leading impactful social change projects and building  valuable advocacy, networking, and fundraising skills on the journey. Why should you apply for Pravah SMILE Fellowship?

What will you get out of it? 
Pravah SMILE Fellows, through the course of action of the programme, become better-informed active citizens with new skills for life – and to offer to potential employers. 

The Pravah SMILE Fellowship programme aims to create the following impact: 
● Personal development – We aim to nurture self and socially aware leaders. Fellows get the opportunity to engage with social issues, contribute to their own communities, and  develop personal skills for life. This process is supported by mentoring and capacity building spaces
● Social Impact – Along with personal development, Pravah SMILE Fellowship also aims to             achieve development impact in the local communities around us. Fellows take up  projects that benefit the communities in Delhi-NCR. This process is supported by capacity building workshops themed at project design and management, advocacy,fundraising, building entrepreneurial skills and issue-based inputs for impactful designs.
● Peer learning and networking​– Pravah SMILE Fellows greatly benefit from learning and            working as equals in cross cultural teams. 

Can you apply? 
● If you are a young person between 18 – 25 years of age
● If you have a social action project idea that can impact a community and you are  committed to make it happen
● And have at least 1 month of prior volunteering experience in social sector
● And you are able to commit 2​months of time whatever time is suitable for the fellow after getting selected.
● And commit a​ minimum of 10 hours per week 

*​Please note that the dates of the workshops are tentative   For any more queries, please email at ​

Apart from this there is a mandatory rural group exposure
*(May or June or October or   November or December) of 5-7 days which will be outside Delhi NCR, which is planned in order  to build more understanding and capacity on social issues. 
● Orientation Workshop *(8th - 10th March, 2019)
● Mid-Project review *(July 2019), and
● Debrief *(October 2019)  It is not a residential programme. With our past experience of the Fellowship, we believe that Fellows would need to give at least 10 hours a week of their time to the social action project  they have taken up to ensure action and sustainable impact.

Additionally, over a course of 6 months, fellows will have 3 full time 3-days residential workshops based in Delhi:  Is it a full time residential fellowship programme?            
The project has to be based in Delhi NCR. Where will my project be based?  A key entrepreneurial skill,fundraising is also significant to sustainable interventions, as a lot of   organisation and initiatives in the development sector will corroborate. To ensure that you are  able to involve more and more people to your project and advocate for the cause you feel about passionate about, fundraising will provide an effective medium. It also builds            commitment for and ownership towards the programme and your own Social Action project.            
The amount is set keeping in mind the diverse backgrounds to which the volunteers belong in  the group.     
Why is there a fundraising component? 
● Fellows will be reimbursed their local conveyance and telephonic expenses for the  project against their bills for a period of 6 months.
● The program is going to support the action projects through part funding upto Rs.  10,000. An equal amount needs to be raised by the fellow.

Therefore, you create a project design and implement with a budget of Rs. 20,000 or more (if you are willing to fund raise more!). Would all expenses related to Fellowship and my project be covered?  Social action projects go beyond volunteering and service learning. Our expectation is not to              set-up organisations but definitely to develop sustainable solutions to social issues (nothing like  it, if it does lead to that, however, that isn’t the mandate here). Therefore, the action projects are short term social action experiments with an aim to create sustainable impact. For example,  a student-led campaign to make your college campus environmentally sustainable by moving to             sustainable methods of consumption and disposal.  What do we mean by social action project? Please fill up the application form. We are waiting for it!    


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