What is a project ?


Have you ever wondered what a project is all about? Do you understand the project in a technical term? I am sure you must have gone through various books and online tips for the same. Has all the reading and collection helped you to understand the project? If not, go through this blog it may give you an understanding of what a project is all about.
I have tried to simplify in order to facilitate an easy understanding of this concept. I have tried to use a very simple tone and vocabularies so that everyone can understand without spending much energy. Let's get started.

      What is a project?   

A project is a series of systematic activities in order to achieve specific goals within a specific time period by making use of resources.
If you read this statement very clearly, some elements we can draw for more understanding. This statement provides the following characters of the project.

A project is a system of activities
A project aims for goals
A project has a time period
A project has resources

          Goal       A  project is designed to achieve a definite goal. When there is a goal or objective you adopt a convenient strategy to achieve your goal. A goal can be what you wanted to achieve.
      Activities   - A series of conscious effort in an organized way to achieve the defined goal. When you realized and set up a goal, accordingly you outline the activities.
     Resources - Resources are an instrumental agent and play very vital roles in achieving project goals. The resources can be understood in terms of finance, human resources, and equipment.
       Time        - The project is designed to achieve a goal within a stipulated time. Hence time or period is an important factor for a project. The project duration may be of one year or more than one years.
      What we understand now?  
To achieve a goal or solve any problem we make an organized preparation which includes patterns of activities, strategies or methodology to make this activity happen we make use of resources and set time for accomplishing our goal, however, this process can be regarded as a project. 
Every project seeks different types of planning, resources, and management. There are other ways and technical reference available for the understanding of the project. The above short illustration is meant to be primary information and an attempt to understand the topic.

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