Are You Relevant To Your Job? An Important Caution !

Have you ever really thought of examining your productivity in  your workplace? Are you still being considered important in your organization? Is yours performance still making an impact in yours workplace? Are you still be remembered by your boss for any important assignments ? Are you been considered as best as other employee of the organization ? why do I need to ask so many question? I am ultimately asking this, are you still relevant to your job ? If you are  coming  across such unhealthy experience and circumstance than a serious self introspection is required.

Change is dynamic and unavoidable. Changes may be negative or positive, It always take place in workplace and social life of a person. Person who does not accepts change is often called outdated or ignorant. Now what is the point of discussing the change in this passage. There is indeed a point to discuss. Changes are always done  in our workplace in order to make the service or product better, and  every new changes in the organization greatly affect the employees in a different ways. The changes either in a form of policy of the organization, new technology, developing new work culture new approaches, process , projects,  new innovation and may be new programs. The regular workflow and ceremonial responsibilities of the employee are affected due to this change making process. However, there is nothing to be panic over this change.

The brain behind the organization's are striving towards streamlining its entire administration and management system.They work for all possible innovation to make their organization more better and result oriented.Hence they keep experimenting with all the matter of the organizations. On this process, the employees of the organization are asked to exhibit in accordance with the change  made in the organization.

Sometime this changes never go down well with the employees of the organization they find the change difficult to cope with or perform according to the change .Due to this transition from existing change to new changes the performance of few employee appeared to be slowdown. And the existing  skills and competency of the employee are seemed to be irrelevant to the new change.  When employee find it difficult to work he either leaves the job or being asked to leave the job. Very often, employee of the organization, especially the older employee are found to be  apprehensive thinking  how they may become outdated and another may take their place. The truth is the work and the world is changing day by day in an unprecedented ways. It is necessary that we change with it and stay relevant.

There has been rapid growth in the use of technology in an every organization, new industry with new approach and opportunities are coming up in a professional sphere. The organization adopts modern and convenient advance ways of getting the work done. On the other hand the demand for skilled workforce equally increasing. On this prospective how far the employee get ready or keep himself upgraded for becoming relevant to the new changes of the markets. Is he still be able to perform with the new change system  in workforce as he was preforming in the initial day of his employment?  if it is not, than he or she is irrelevant to the job and the  organization. In this competitive dynamic job market it is almost difficult to keep himself relevant always.  

To stay on relevant in the workplace an investment is required, I am not talking about a monetary investment rather talking about an  investment of time and labour for redefining your skills assets. Following tips may be useful.
    Brush Up Your Existing Skills -You are required to smartening yourself  by brushing up your existing skills to count yourself a valuable resources for your organization. Avoid being myopic and insensitive to the change.
    Add More Skills to Your Existing Skills Sets-
    Do not limit yourself with your existing skills. Constantly make an effort to add more new skills to your kit. For  an instance, if you are good at making research analysis on excel sheet you should welcome yourself to learn other advance software program for data analysis which can make you more advance and propounding.
    Keep Researching Market Requirement- Keep engaged in reading and researching on your specialization. It would help you stay relevant against the change. Accept the change and modify your way of working to deliver better result.
    Keep Attitude of Learning- Most people fail to upgrade themselves thinking they know it. The attitude of not learning can cost you. You cannot survive in job market with your traditional way of work and inadequate skills.
    Understand The Dynamic of Your Organization You Work In - Keep your eyes open to see the changes of your organization and bring changes within yourself to meet the demands of  the organization.

    As time and circumstance changes, new problems and challenges one must face. Enhancing  and upgrading work proficiency may help you to over come an emerging challenges and make you more indispensable person to the organization.


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