How to write a report

Report writing is an important part of our regular business and professional life. Very often we have been asked to prepare a report on certain issues or topic. Sometimes we do not get an idea of where to start a report writing or stuck at thinking about what should be the content of the report. I have tried to simplify the concept of report writing.

The process and procedures of compiling a summary of reports will be a collection of information or evidence or the evaluation of the information. We can understand report wring as a systematic and structural way of written presentation of information.

    How should be the report writing?

While preparing a report one must give an emphasizes on the main purpose and to present the report in a clear and concise account in a logical sequence. Keep your reader in your view while preparing any kind of reports.

What should be the structure?
The structure and the content of the reports are different in accordance with the situations and information. The following could be the general structure of the report writing. Let's look at


     Title and content    
Every report should have the title or the name and it must carry a few lines of briefing the reports. And the content component could be the date and name of the author
     An Introduction      
Giving an outline of the content or the state of reasons for the writing the reports. You may be giving details of what you are asked for.
      Process /Procedures/Methodology 
Describe the process of the event in your report and the method you adopted in collection of information’s
Present in detail of your outcome or of finding of your research or can be the achievement of your projects or events or of any happenings
You may include a recommendation in your report keeping in view of the demand of the situations
The section should be sum up your assessment of the current situations the conclusion should be drawn based on your review of your findings.

You can contain supporting data or questionnaires if needed.
I have not tried to give scientific illustration and explanation of the reporting structure. Many experts suggest many ideal ways of report writing but this could be the general structure of general report writing. Report writing is a flexible art of writing depending upon the requirement you can customize the content of your report accordingly.

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  1. A good insight for report writing: Synthetic and efficiently communicative structure.

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