How to write a report of a conference


Sample Report Writing of a Conference

Your organization is organizing a conference and you are the key person to record the preceding of the conference subsequently you are asked to compile the reports and prepare a final report of the conference meeting. How would you think of writing a report for a conference? let’s get started.   
An introduction to the conference report
Conference reports are the written summary of the proceeding event of the conference. The reports summarize and cover all the topic and discussion in a systematic written format.
Keep in mind while preparing Report of Seminar
1-Try to gather or collect all sorts of information about the conference.
2-You may use some photographs of the conference
3=Do not make a long narrative of the writing.
4-You may make use of solid conference templates in your report
5-You can customize those templates and report by using your official logo
6-You can give different subheadings and make all possible things to make your report conveyable and amazing.  

The following demo is a simple report of a conference it is for your insight and learning. You can get a clue and an understating of how the conference report is prepared. Carefully review the content and the subject description of the report and its semi headlines as well. Let’s get started.

A Report on 1st Annual Conference on Financial Inclusion through SHG Empowerment

The First Annual Conference on SHG Empowerment was held at Bhubaneswar on 23 October 2018. The delegates from all over the state have participated in the conference. Around 23 number of SHGs groups have attended the conference. The theme of the conference was Financial Inclusion through SHG formation.

A total 210 people participated the conference including 12 guests from the different eminent organization of Odisha, 23 SHG’s representative and 2 consultants from the reputed financial institution, and 174 general participants from the universities and colleges.
The conference elected PNOR the Chairman of Change India and ABCD the founder of Mahila Vikas.Ms. TYUO from the reputed institution was elected as Rapporteur.
     Proceeding  Session

Dr. PNOR the Chairman of Change India, Cuttack inaugurated the conference. and the proceeding was addressed by the ABCD the founder of Mahila Vikas followed by an introductory speech by the guest. While the keynote address was made by XYZ coordinator of Change India.
In his introductory speech, Dr.PHOR gave a brief overview on the Financial Inclusion of women and how the unbanked rural and urban women can get access to financial and banking services through the strategies of different empowerment models.
After the speech, Mr. ABCD the founder of Mahila Vikas presented the paper of “The challenges and realities of the financial inclusion programs” he went on discussing the ground realities and social and institutional challenges. Altogether there more paper presented at the conference.
Concluding statement made by Ms. TYUO she thanks everyone present and those who contributed to the success of the conference, and then officially declared the conference closed.

Programs at the conference.
23 October 2018 (Thursday)

1st Annual Conference on Financial Inclusion through SHG Empowerment
8.00 am to 9.00 am
Breakfast and Registrations
9.00 to 9.45
Inauguration and Opening Sessions
9.45 to 10.30
Introductory Speech
10.30 to 11.30
Paper Presentation Financial Inclusion of women “An SHG  model perspective
11.30 to 12.00
Tea Break
12.00  to 1.15
Paper Presentation on “The challenges and realities of the financial inclusion programs”
1.15 to 1.30
General Discussion
1.30 to 1.45
Vote of Thanks and
1.45 onwards

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