How to write a Project Progress Report-A format

Progress report format

Project Progress Reports are used by the organization to update the donor agency the status of the ongoing project. The progress reports format may vary from organization to organizations. If you look for a general format that can be followed for writing a progress report of your organization. Presenting a common format with the following information. The report can be customized and various information can be added.

1-Title of the Project 
2-Project No
3-Name and address of the implementing agencies
4-The implementation period of the project Project Summary
5-Approved measures of implementation
6-Any changes deviation from the original plan
7-Realization of objectives and impact
8-The problem faced and their solutions
9-Completion period]
10- Financial Statement
A.   Amount Sanctioned
B.   Loan contribution
C.   Installment received
D.   Statement received and payment
E.  A request for the next installment

Look at the demo format

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