How to write a project covering letter for financial support

An Overview- Let's assume you are planning to implement a short term pilot project for the period of two months on behalf of your organization. You have already formulated the project and budget for your project. Now how are you going to write a project proposal covering letter?  You can refer to the following draft as I have tried to draft it as simple as possible only to facilitate an understanding of project covering letter. This following illustrative demo writing is for knowing and learning purpose only.

Ref.No CN/02/2018                                                                                                      Date______


Sub- Request for Financial Support

Dear Sir,
Along with the request of financial support we are enclosing our Project Proposal on 'Door Steps Financial Literacy Training ' with its comprehensive estimated budget, hence requesting financial support from your development assistance fund of your foundation.
Complete details of our organization and about the project with all necessary supporting documents are enclosed for your reference and consideration. If you require further any other additional information and details, we are always ready to provide them.

We would definitely appreciate an early reply from you with your comments on the proposal.

Soliciting your cooperation and assistance

Your Sincerely
Name & Designation

Look at the demo format 


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