How to write letter to Muncipalty Officer informing the sanitation condition in your locality

Overview-You may have faced sanitary related problems in your localities and you informed the problem to the immediate concern officer. Nevertheless no desirable result  is seen.Ultimately you are thinking of writing a letter to the Municipality officer. Following sample of writing may give you an idea of addressing your issues. Lets get started...


A.K Shrama

The Health Officer
YWO Municipality MNOP

RE- Complain about insanitary condition in the locality

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am Shri ABCD on behalf of the residents of Raja Rani Colony have the honour to seek your attention to the insanitary condition in our locality. It has been a matter of regret and shame that the roads of our colony remain upswept for a week together and the waste materials are disposed at the corner of the roads. Drains of the street have not been cleaned for quite long time.

The insanitation causes breeding of flies and mosquitoes. It will be harmful to the all the residents of the colony. On the other hand the people of the colony pay all the rents of the Municipality regularly so they are supposed to get regular service of the Municipality.

However, our frequent appeal to the area health supervisor and the sanitary inspector has been failed. Hence I request you to be very kind enough into the matter personally and make necessary sanitary arrangement in the locality

Your promte action in this regard will be highly appreciated.
Yours Faithfully


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