Stop Telling Lies on Your Resume

When it comes to customizing resume we tend to be a little serious. Very often we try to impress our recruiter by our fancy resume templets and resume designing but it does not always impress them due to lack of compelling information on the resume. There are people who love to add more pages and are using ambiguous phrases in order to be shortlisted. It is observed that people are often exaggerating their information which is appeared to false and untrue after verification. But do you know many a time we lie on our resumes just to be selected and letting people know that you are credible professional, falsifying and misleading information can raise the possibility of damaging one's career. Indiatimes reported that 10% of Indians are lying on their resume though the figure is less than our western countries. However, the numbers are on the rise. Claiming falls qualifications, improper work experience, forgery past salary slip, designation, profile without supportive documents can create a negative image in the eyes of employers and they are called a dishonest candidate. The following are some common lies on the resume.

  1. False Qualification-Often the job seeker claim to have the number of qualifications from the different universities but unable to produce the certificates of it.
  2. Misrepresentation of employment history -A  Survey was conducted by AuthBridge, 12.14% of candidates misrepresent their account of employment history. In order to hide their employment gap, they manipulate the employment history.
  3. Exaggeration of skills Sets This is the most common lie on a resume, almost all the job seekers fabricate their skill sets. They go on mentioning the list of skills they are not even known to it. According to the career builder Survey, 62% get away with this lie. They seem more fictional than fact.
  4. Embellished Responsibilities - 54% go away with this lies on the resume by embellishing a set of responsibilities according to the Career Builder Survey. Mentioning the false set of responsibilities can put you in a serious problem when a background check is carried out against the employee then the matter will be complicated further. 
Lies on a resume can be caught in the following ways.
Your employers can any time catch you if you are lying on a resume. There are many ways to screen your resume. Manipulated resumes can be caught by the following means.
  • Background Verification. Your present employer can reach to your previous employers and can take your details. You may have noticed that nowadays employers are asking a minimum of three reference details on your resume.
  • Skill Test - If you have fabricated your skills sets on your resume in order to be stood out from the crowd but you won't able to crack the skills test.
  • Mismatch cover letter and Resume. Your recruiter can catch you if your cover letter does not connect with your resume. If your cover letter seems vague and ambiguous and has a lot of discrepancies than the savvy interviewers can spot you therein. 
  • Plagiarism detective tools or software- Technologies are widely used in all human resource department. If you are busy copying somebody resumes from the digital community your resume can be caught up by plagiarism detection tools or software.
We can't always fool people or our employers by falsifying their resume. The interviewers are more advanced and sound than we think. Hence be honest while working on a resume, give truthful information makes it more transparent and persuasive.



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