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If you are looking for the best job of your life which can give you an independent work environment, and give you scope to  earn significant income without any investment, than you should read this blog and need to think beyond your regular official job. I am talking about selling skills and getting paid. You may have searched very often regarding home based job as well as  being informed by your well wisher about different ways to  earn money, but those information did not appear to be convincing you. If you have not done yet still looking for such alternative opportunity to work online based job than make a try. I  am talking about  selling your skills and offering your service online and getting paid.Who can do this online based job ? may be the following-
  • Qualified housewives and any men who do not  want to continue their job.
  • Retired regular job employee.
  • Students who want to have part time income.
There are thousand of sources of information on online income but not all are trust worthy and well founded.Iam talking about legitimate online jobs which are reliable and proven means of online income. Many more like you and me are earning by selling their skills and service and maximizing their  income. Following three skills can help you to earn money from online based jobs .lets see.
    1-Selling of PowerPoint
    If you are good at making and designing PowerPoint presentations on various topic with stunning looks and animations you can actually generate income by selling your service for PowerPoint projects .The following platform will be best for offering your service.
    Knowmore is an online talent platforms. it provides scopes for talented and specialized people for online earning.It pays per hour 8$ Indian rupees around 600.Get yourself registered with this site and go about according to the tutorials.
    2- Selling your writing and articles
    If your habit is to writing than you have no boundary to earn. Writing is an art and this art can generate potential earning. Your writing may be of creative writing, grant writing,academic, stories or  and research and so many.If you want to make use of this skill to earn money online you may try  on this platform.
    Peopleperhour is uk based company.The purpose of this company is to provide online business platform to thousand skills freelancer.This platform is  a selective one for the writers and translators. If you genuinely want to work online you must make a try on this platform.This is truly legitimate and reliable platform for online income.

    3-Selling data entry and typing skills
    If you exhibit considerable  efficiency in  typing  and have experienced of various forms of data entry can help on online earning. There are other legitimate online business platform but the following oneline platform is the popular and dependable one.

    Upwork is a largest freelancer website.Thousand of skills service providers(Freelancers) are coming to this platform and earning money on this platform. Get registered with the site as freelancer and offer your skills, and you will start getting numbers  of projects.

    Disclaimer- Do not start home based online work  with the intention of getting rich quickly,rather give priority on providing quality and time bound service to the client.Have patience and keep upgrading your skills and keep working.However,many people failed online working platform due to the intention of making  quick earning which is not  easy as you think. You are encouraged to read all the instructions and policy of the company before commencing as  an online freelancer.

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