Higher qualification does not guarantee you job

Many people may not admit to this fact that, having high qualification does not  literally makes you employable, it is no more of those days when employment happens to be easy for high qualified.We are landed on the era of challenging employment zone where qualification alone does not helps to excel in the competitive job market. However, employment  for those who are creative, productive, multi level skilled,multi tasking,specialized in the particular field of knowledge and more ever who exhibits high working efficiency are able to grab the opportunities.In a contemporary society if a person goes for attaining higher qualification in order to  be educated and knowledgeable  is a matter of consideration but if a person aspiring to get an employment therefore goes for higher qualifications  than he or she may be required to rethink on their decision.

Let me remind  an instance that 1.9 crore applicants appeared for Railway Recruitment Board Exam  in order to fill only 62,907 vacancies for group D  jobs.It is observed that among the applicants A large number of those who applied are over qualified for the post. This pictures shows the bitter truth of the high qualified unemployed.

There has been a report  in the New Indian Express 3rd March 2018, On the unemployment  problems among the highly qualified youth.This report address the issues that doctorate, post graduated and graduated have applied government jobs for the post Guard and Sweepers.There were about 2000 post graduate and  and many of them were PhDs .The report further said 5000 graduate applied for the class IV post in government medical college Srinagar (GMC).The minimum qualification for the post were matriculation/and higher secondary and there was not credit for higher qualification.The report also  further addressed that a candidate  with PhD was selected last year as sweeper in GMC, after joining the post  he letter resigned.Let us not misinterpret it that the PhD wants to be a sweeper and government peon,perhaps nobody in the world would like to go for an inferior position after having high qualification.But the circumstances and unemployment crises force such candidate to go for low ranking jobs.Over the years different organizational's reports appeared that person with PhD,MBA,and Engineering graduate have been applying for low ranking jobs. We all know that just a few month back 255 PhD candidates had applied for 368 post for peon in Utter Pradesh and they were among the 36 lakhs candidates.The times of India stated the report that  nearly 31 million Indians are jobless.(Times of India,March 06/2018)

A study was conducted by Ajim Premji University,the study showed even though Indian economy is growing at fast pace,the rate of unemployed among high qualified is highest against national average.Attaining high qualification does not  means  getting high standard jobs,this notions is no longer relevant to the present scenario of employment.

Following may have been the reasons
  • Lack of adequate training and education- The education system and compromise education does not empowers the candidate to to be employable.The ongoing traditional education system can only make you literate on your subject but does not helps us to exhibit them technically. 
  • Education has become commercial business - Attaining educational degree has become easy now days any body can buy degree and sell degree as well which results degradation of the quality of education. 
  • Proliferation and explosion of qualified  youth - We have witnessed the unprecedented the growth of qualified population  in the country and thousand of new graduates coming up every years but there have not been a significant growth in job market in commensurate with the number of qualified individuals. 
  • Government initiative is limited - The center and state government initiative in job creating is not encouraging.Although there have been so many schemes for employment but that do not appear to be enduring in results. 
  • Degree but no skills - Perhaps it has been traditional education system which is significantly not contributing to employability.However skills mismatch is also a major reasons.Skills mismatch refer to the various types of gap between skilled offered and skilled needed. For an instance a person is offered job of marketing,marketing skills was the demand of the job.But the person is good at documentation now you can imagine what would be the result.
I am not discussing other technical reasons, as you may be knowing the fact,but  I would like to end the passage here that to become successful or employable,high qualification alone may not help you ,there are other aspects which equally important for getting employment and to become successful" otherwise there is chances of becoming high qualified unemployed.

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