Transform your problem into an opportunity

I may be slammed and criticized badly if I say  that remaining job less or being in the problem for a while must be considered as an opportunity. Yes, friend ! it is true on some point of view. If you are unemployed or jobless and do not have anything to think upon for your life. it means you are in a silent period, a period when your brains become vibrant and more active than ever. Your brain vibrates and active not for good reasons but for psychosocial pressure. A period when you think too much about your future, it is a period when you remember your valuable time that already passed away and how did you spend it. It is a period to think about those mistakes that you committed. It is a period when you think about an alternative for getting rid out of the problems. However, I consider this period as a silent period of opportunity. Time brings you to a stage where you unable to decide what to do.

How did you realize that you are going through a silent period? Be quick to sense it when your as usual normal way of life affected by uninvited circumstances.

1-This is a period when you remain unemployed. 
2-A period when no one with you when you need them. 
3-A period when you ask for help but help is limited.
4-A period when you experience the pain of rejection.
5-A period when your parents  and family members misunderstand you. 
6-A period when all your effort turns out to be a failure. 
7-A period when your friends ride success and you only listen to their stories. 
8-A period when trust and hope is shattered.
9- A period when you realize you are nothing for anything.
10-A period when you unable to help your parents when they need you.
11-A period when all the doors seem to be closed. 
12-A period when something happened and you never wanted it to happen and so many.

I consider this period is the silent period of life. Why do I called it a  silent period?it comes in an unexpected manner that all the pleasures and excitement of life become mute and unrealized. The problems which I consider as a Silent period comes in many ways with many forms. Many of us experience but very often realize it .I defined it as a time bomb. However, I considered this silent period as the period of opportunity to fight and win.
The advantage of having a silent period or troublesome Period.
We always have negative views when we go through a difficult time. We tend to ignore the potential aspects of the silent period. The period of difficulties never remains forever. It goes and comes as well as gives lesions to learn for life. Few following examples may be considered as positivity of going through the silent period.
1-It teaches you a way of life. 
2-It generates more courage and teaches you to be tolerant.
3-It may make you a little humble.
4-It may push you to set a goal for your life.
5-It may make you socially mature.
6-You will experience your brain becomes restless.
7-It empowers you with social experiences.
8-It makes you socially grounded and socially matured.
9-It makes you able to fight.
I illustrated the story of my friend who went through a silent period of life (Problems) and becomes successful today. I did not choose to speak about other big personality as we often hear about them.

Mr. Deepak Kumar Nanada PhD Scholar TISS

Phd Scholar in TISS, Mumbai
I am the person who personally know him and witnessed his journey. He belongs to a small village Badapara of Balangir district, Odisha. His father is a farmer and was not in the position to support his son for his education. With the unrelenting struggle, he succeeded in his 12th Exam. But the struggle did not end then as he wanted to go for higher education.

Despite all the hurdle he could enroll for graduation in Bhubaneswar. You won't imagine he used to get only 200 rupees for his pocket money in a month and that too was not from his family, the pocket money he used to get from the tuition as he was paid only 200 in the month. He did not have good clothes to wear he had only two pair of dress and one pair was the college uniform. He was always been good at study and meritorious student. My words are unfit to describe his struggles. He took a loan from the bank to complete his post graduation. During his education, he experienced all the struggled that came on his ways.

However, the problems did not keep him down. He emerged as a fighter and qualified NET (National Test Eligibility Test) and JRF(Junior Research Fellow) in the year 2013. He worked as an Assistant Professor in the National Institute of Social Work and Social Science) and he appeared many exams and qualified all of them but he decided  to go for higher study and qualified for Integrated Ph.D. in  (Tata Institute of Social Science ) TISS, Mumbai. He was elected and nominated as Student Union President of TISS. He  visited The School of Social Work, the Lund University of Sweden in the year 2017.At present he is working for his Ph.D.

The few become successful who do not run away from the problem who fight with a problem and live with it.Mr. Deepak Nanda is one among them who did not choose to quit but he decided to move ahead with all possible ways. He fought with social challenges he fought with his negative forces and won it.
What happens when you fail in a silent period
  • There are chances of entering into anti-social activities
  • You may grow a suicidal tendency
  • You may develop a negative attitude towards life
  • You may  love to stay away  from social life
  • you may not concentrate on work
  • You may take the wrong decision 
  • You may run away from your self and family and so on.
This may not have happened to every one of us, but these possible consequences cannot be ignored.
Let your silent period be your opportunities.

Problems are already programmed in our life it comes in diverse form to all of us. You may have experience when you are undergoing through a silent period, the circumstances never let you sleep and exhibit happiness outsides, though you show yourself as if nothing has happened.Your brain becomes a storehouse of various thoughts and anxiety. You may experience the clash between positive and negative thoughts. A person who struggles and comes out from the problems may have the ability to change his/her fate. Who knows to struggle and win during the silent period knows to live a life with high confidence.

Make your problems your strength. Think that you are born to fight unless you win you keep fighting with the problems.

You can use your problem as an opportunity.
  • You may make use of this period as pushing factor- You always remember the problems are your blocking rocks, hence you need to continuously work hard to remove the rocks from your ways. If you not work you may not remove the rock.
  • Consider it as a manufacturing unit- A product goes through a major alignment process and technical configuration in order to become a fine product. Similarly, you consider your problems or silent periods are the manufacturing process to make you socially capable and sound human being.
  • Use it as striking sticks to run for your goal- You may have noticed when donkey never moves his master uses sticks and strikes it. When you are slow or diverted from your work remember your immediate problems, surely it will strike your mind and will bring you back to your track.
  • Make use of your problems as a battleground- You may have watched war movies, you have seen how soldiers fight with the enemy. He fights with his all mighty to defeat the enemy in all possible way. In the battleground, one thing only happens either the soldiers dies or wins and alive. In the same way, you have to try with all the strength  to overcome your problems. Make your silent period your battleground. 
On this ground, I may say your silent period can be considered as an opportunity. Make use of this opportunity and fight with yourself and struggle unless you get the things done. Certainly, time will reward you.
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