To become successful, It is not necessary to be intelligent always.

A strange thought always strikes me that does success belongs to the only intelligent group? does success means only achieving what we want? Perhaps every one understands this way if I am not mistaken. Success belongs to anyone who has the ability to translate his / her thought into action which drives them to reach their goal. We may have heard and read books of many successful people with having high intelligence. The test and experience of success may not be the same for all, the success will be a different meaning to the one who has faced sever failure than the one who instantly got success. Many people have defined and coined the meaning of success in their own perspective. Do not worry about people how they define our failure and success. Do not walk on their path to become successful. Why don't we choose our own way to become a man of success or women of success. Why do we look at someone else and want to be as successful as they are? If we follow another dream to become our self-successful, we may end off our life with miserable failure.
When do we become a failure? We become a failure at our own thought level fist. We are inviting failure by developing the following thoughts.
  • We become a failure when you compare yourself with others.
  • We become a failure when we try to become as successful as our friends.
  • We become a failure when we waste our time by following our successful friend.
  • We become a failure only noticing the set of skills and strength of our friend and others instead of recognizing our inner strength.
  • We become a failure looking at them taking opportunities.
  • We become a failure when we do not acknowledge other success because of our ego.
  • We become a failure when we only think about others success, failures, and their interesting stories.
According to me there are three types of people in the world type-1 people are success maker and type-2 are success receiver, and type 3 is success waiter. let's see the different prospects of three categories of people.
1- Type 1- Success Maker.  I consider this category of people as a  success maker who has the ability and credibility to transform their dream into reality. The people who are called to be a success maker are highly mission and goal driven. They always do some extraordinary work and it becomes difficult for us to guess what they are doing. They are restless, creative, and think big. When they become successful they inspire the rest of the world. Example of the categories is the scientist, entrepreneur, and big businessman.

2- Type 2- Success Receiver. This category of people is success oriented. They follow the footsteps of other successful people to become successful. Their approach towards success is about following conventional systems and practices of the society. Somebody has become a doctor so they want to be a doctor. To qualify in the examination somebody has gone coaching class so they want to go for coaching class too. Somebody has advised them to work out for 12 hours a day in order to become successful hence they workout 12 hours. It is also observed they work hard and get things done fast, sometimes these categories of people are found to be outstanding. They have career ambition but do not have mission and purpose in life beyond these. They receive success on the basis of the system work and consistency of their endeavor. Example of these categories are CEOs, Managers, top government employees.

3- Type 3-Success waiter - I consider this category of people is privilege oriented. They always look forward to opportunities only. They strongly believe that success depends on fate and luck. If the person has gone through the spiritual orientation than the person believes that success comes from GOD. Whatever happens in the life they take it as a natural happening. If they fail in their efforts they never take it seriously. They are very flexible to compromise with their success.

You observed the above illustration and may arrive at this conclusion that the success begins from our thought as it is said, the size of your success depends on the size of our thought.

You may have been told by many good wishers some of these parameters to become successful such as studying hard, living discipline life, engaging in extracurricular activities, having extra classes, etc. And we engage our self in trying to do what we are told, after a few days we may notice it will not have a satisfactory result. Many will come and many will go away giving much advice, but we remain the same as we were. The moment we listen to some motivational thoughts or advise we become very active and are encouraged for a while. Why do we unable to remain being motivated and charged up? It happens because there is no call inside we are being motivated by some external forces. Our thought is not powerful enough to motivate us. The thought must generate extreme passions to direct our all action toward achieving what we want.
What I believe, the action, behavior attitudes are governed by our thought. Perhaps all these outcomes of human actions are the products of his own thoughts. The way he thinks the same way he behaves. In a similar way, the possibility of success can be comprehended by determining the thought of a person. What I realize and believe to be successful we need to have a solid thought and it must have the power to administer our actions.

We may have participated in many seminars and read a lot of books for becoming successful. There are more than hundreds of motivational speaker who motivates by giving an inspirational talk they may have changed our outlooks and thought process but may not have helped us significantly to reach our goal. These all may work as external stimuli it may not motivate us for a long period of time. Hence we must have own power sources to charge up and that source is our only thought. Yes, the power source is your own thought.

I personally consider the following two factors are really mattered a lot for becoming successful, no matter what you and I are and what is our intelligent level? it has the ability to transform us completely from ordinary to extraordinary.

1 Powerful Thought-
 If we are driven by a powerful thought, then the possibility of success is easily attributed. The thought may be of becoming a businessman or scientist or to do something exceptional, certainly, it has the system to empower us to march towards our goal. When our powerful thought stimulates us, we automatically become passionate about what you wanted to do. We will develop a sense of not turning back even though we fail. It will influence our attitudes and behaviors. We will develop a belief system and confidence chain that we will not take rest until we get the things done. That is the power of thought. You may do an analysis of the most successful legend's story, the reasons behind every successful people is the power of thought.

2-Immense Effort-
Success does not merely depend on the thought, it actually depends on an effort. I am not talking about effort alone but talking about an immense effort. The efforts are the series of determining attempts in order to get the things done. We must execute our effort with all strength to get the work done. Your efforts will be governed by the thoughts. Let me refer to the quotation.

Continuous effort-not strength or intelligence are the keys to unlocking our potential " by Winston Churchill. I would like to refer to one more saying by Mahatma Gandhi " Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory"

At last, I conclude here that it is not necessary to become intelligent to become successful. You can also become successful if you have powerful thought and immense efforts to make your dream come true. Not every successful people are intelligent. You don't need to worry about not scoring good in the exam. You don't need to bother about your continuous failures. You don't need to worry about what others tell you to do. Listen to your inner call, try to experience your thought and recognize your strength, I am sure you can translate your past failure into a remarkable success.

Best Wishes.


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