How to write a joining letter

An overview:- Few points to remember while drafting an official or business letter. Many times we get difficulties in composing a good and effective letter. It happens due to a lack of clarity and progressive practice. Official drafting skills have become an absolute need for making our written communication more effective and persuasive. The following tips and samples of drafting can be helpful in our professional fields.
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What is the joining letter?
The joining letter is the letter of intimation to the employer regarding the acceptance of the offer of a job. The joining letter conveys the joiner's acknowledgment .acceptance of term and condition. Read carefully the following tips and draft accordingly.

  1. Brief and up to the point.
  2. Keep it coherent.
  3. Keep it relevant.
  4. Avoid inappropriate language.
  5. Ensure grammar and spelling are correct.
  6. The tone and language must be formal and communicative.
  7. Refrain from using technical phrases or jargon.
  8. The opening, the content, and the close of the letter must be drafted carefully.
  9. The presentation of the letter should be followed by subject matter, salutation, subject body, complementary closures signatures, designation and enclosures in a systematic manner.

Demo Letter -1

Example- You get an offer letter for a position Program Manager in an international organization.You are asked to send a  joining intimation letter or email confirmation. In this cases how are you going to draft a letter or email ? check out the below demo letter.


The HR Manager 
XYZO Organization
(Address of the org)

Sub- Joining intimation letter 

Dear Sir/Madam,
In reference to your offer letter NO /223/ORG for the position Program Manager in your esteemed organization,I am immensely pleased to accept the offer and acknowledge the same. I sincerely thank you for believing in me and offering this position ,I will discharge my duties with full of dedication and sincerity.

Kindly consider my joining on 1st January 2020.I will be submitting all required document on my joining date.Should you require any further information I am avail to provide the same as early as possible.

With regards

Important tips. 
1- If you have received an email offer without any attachment to the offer letter, you may not be required to send a letter of confirmation unless it is asked.
2-You are not required to write joining letter no if you are sending the same in the email confirmation.
3-Clearly mention the joining date and mention in advance if you have any issues with all your documents.

Demo Letter -2

Example-Suppose you are given an offer letter for the post of Data Entry Operator in the district headquarter. How will you write a joining letter? The following letter may be helpful in this regard.

 Letter for Joining on Duty  

The Collector 
(The Full Address of the Office)

Sub -An intimation for joining on duty.

Ref :Appointment Letter No___________ Date __________

Dear Sir,
With reference to the appointment letter cited above, I have been selected and appointed as a Data Entry Operator in your office. As per the instruction mentioned in the appointment letter, I have been obtaining a medical fitness certificate from a community hospital doctor and have enclosed the NO Objection certificate from my previous department.

Now I do hereby join my duty on date_________as Data Entry Operator.My joining me kindly be accepted. If you require any further clarification I may be contacted for the same.

Yours Faithfully 

1- Medical Fitness Certificate
2-NO Objection Certificate

Important Tips 

  • Whom you are writing to must be mentioned clearly the designation and address.
  • The subject and reference number should be mention if your offer letter has a letter number.
  • Do not forget to mention the documents that you may not able to submit on an immediate basis.
  • List out the document if you are asked to send, mention it in the enclosures column.


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