How to write an application for Causal leave

An overview of Casual leave-  A casual leave application is a written request to avail leave for an unforeseen situation. An unforeseen situation means a situation that can't be anticipated. This is understood as unpredictable circumstances. For instance, you are an employee of an ABCD company and you get a call from your relative that your close relative has been hospitalized and you are required to be there. What you do then? you will ask for leave from your reporting officer whom you report, this type of circumstance is called unpredictable or unforeseen situation. If any circumstance you face like this you may go for applying for casual leave.
What is a causal leave application - A employee gives a written request to seek approval for remaining absent from his routine official work
You are working for a company XYZ and a close relative of yours has passed away. Then how you put a request in a written format take a look at the drafting. You can address the letter to your supervisor or the reporting officer. Convey the objective of your letter in the subject line. The subject line should be very precise and communicative. State the reasons why you want a casual leave.
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How to write  an application for Causal leave


The Manager
XYZ organization

Bhubaneswar (Name of the town, place,)

Sub- Applying for casual leave

May  I draw your attention that, I have to attend the 3rd day ritual of my uncle at (Name of the place) who passed away before three days? May I be allowed to avail myself 3 days of casual leave from _____ the date ____ to date). I shall be obliged for your needful.

Yours Faithfully,
Assistant Manager

Refer to the following demo format

Keep in mind a few tips while drafting for casual leave.
  • Mention the address
  • Mention the date and place
  •  You may begin by requesting  a casual leave
  • Make your writing as short as possible
  • State valid reasons for requesting a casual leave.
  • Mention the days of leave you wanted to avail
  • End the letter by thanking by expecting the approval.
Note- This is just a demonstrative sample letter for your understanding. You can draft in your own ways by following this format. The use of the manual casual application is drastically reduced due to the increasing use of electronic mail communication.


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