Be organized yourself before going for an interview

Normally it happens with everyone when we are called for an interview, the sense of preparedness becomes active. The curiosity, imagination, and little nervousness begins before we attend the interview. Little fears and anxieties grow and make our bodies shaking.  All the signs may not be seen with everyone, but it happens with the one who attends the interview for the first time. There are many among us who ignores the process to be self-organized before attending interviews.

To be self-organized does not imbibe to the meaning of preparing for responding to anticipated questions only, it refers to the complete state of holistic preparations for the interviews. Does it sound very theoretical? let's understand it. The holistic preparation is all about making a set pre-planning right after applying for the job. To be informed and to be organized is as important as customizing resumes and drafting a cover letter.

When you get an invitation or call letter for appearing for an interview you must ensure the following aspects.
  • Have mini research on the organization/company’s profile especially the department you have applied.
  • Know and be informed about the profile of the position. Example: You are applying for the post “Project Coordinator” in the XYZ organization. You must understand the profile and roles of the position. You are the one who already worked in this profile, nevertheless, need to have little study as the position profile differs from organization to organization.
  • Carefully read the invitation or call letter whether you are asked to bring any documents. List out the required documents.
  • Develop knowledge on the domain that the organization is working for. For example, You have applied for an organization which works for the eradication of malnutrition, hence you are required to gather knowledge on the malnutrition subjects and its periphery. If you have already worked in this field still than you are encouraged to update and refresh the knowledge.
  • Make sure of checking your mailbox regularly, and visit the website of the company or organization to get any new notification.

A resume is a presentation of a personal and professional written document. It summarizes your academic status, experiences details, and skills. A resume is a candidature that communicates and represents you at different platforms. However, a resume is more than a written document and it can be defined as an instrument of marketing yourself.
There are many of us who may not be knowing the importance of a resume. They never bother about customizing their candidature while going for interviews or applying for the job. They make use of the same resume multiple time without editing the important points, and their resume never gets shortlisted. Do not forget to customize your resume while applying for the new position. Check out the following points
  • Do tailor your resume for every specific job. You may not be wearing the same dress for going to different parties, you may have changed the dress multiple time to make yourself look good. In a similar way, you need to customize your resumes for every new job to make your application effective and persuasive.
  • Define your objective precisely, avoid using fallacious words. The objective of the resume must not be philosophical and inadequate. It must serve an achievable and practical connection to the reader. Refrain from writing ambiguous objectives.
  • Tailor and customize your entire resume looking into the job description and the requirement of your organization.
  • Make your resume a sequence presentation. Make it as brief as possible including all information.
  • List out those skills and highlight them using keywords.
  • Highlight your experience that seems to be matching with the job profile.
  • Give a proper reference whom you know and they must know you. Give their email id, contact number and not forget to mention their designation and the organization if they are working.
  • Update date and put your signatures
The format for customizing resume

The formats of resume are differently customized on the basis of the need of the job description. The following can be an example of customizing the format of your resume.
  • Chronological Resume. You can customize the resume in a chronological format. It includes the details of the most recent experience to your earliest experiences. This serves as a brief employment history of the candidate. If you are the one who has a potential work history and no gaps between the employment then you can make a chronological resume
  • Functional Resume. It is almost equal to chronological resume, it highlights your skills and working experiences. Not necessary to make a date of experiences, it can be listed out under your skills. If you are fresher does not have experience or has many gaps over employment career and have limited work experience than you can adopt a functional resume.
And this is how you can organize yourself before attending an interview. Your solid preparation and impressive presentation of your resume may raise the possibility of getting yourself selected. An effective resume should be clear and well structure. Your chances of success will be improved if you are able to draft a good resume, that sets out your personal and professional information in a succinct, focused, and structured way.
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