What drives your life ?

This post is significantly relevant to youth and students, some of you may not read as this blog does not serve Hollywood and Bollywood news nor it related to sports. The intention of this post is to trigger self-introspection and for self-examination. Let us start,

Have we ever realized that there is something that always stops us doing some work, the work may be our assignments, study, project work, and work related to our job, or family responsibilities, or maybe the work that we really ought to do but we miserably failed. However, there may have been some instances in our lives when we realized that we are lagged behind or were badly insulted or have faced bigger failure.
       Do you remember you always wanted to do something better or you want to study well but all this aspiration never  actually happened, although you made a try and you suddenly remembered how you were a good student during your school time and how much you were loved by your friends and family, how joyful those days were then what went wrong with us?
What are the factors responsible for such happenings? What I am trying to tell here, I am trying to point out those unseen negative forces which disable our mind and deactivate our positive energy. It acts as blocking stones in our ways. This unseen forces can be attributed to the way of life, our regular practice, and habits. Before going to understand it, let's ask a few questions to our self, it may help us to know where do we stand at?
1.    What controls our mind and life?

2.    Are we indulged in some habits? That seems impossible to give up?

Are our lives driven and controlled by a random living style? what does it mean? it means living a life without plan, goals, actions, and seriousness; “they live a life thinking  each and every moment should be lived by having fun, entertainment, and pleasures; they even give many philosophical reasons for it one popular reason they say “who knows if life will give second chance or not”. Having fun for pleasures and entertainment is not at all bad, but it becomes very bad when the way of having fun and entertainment become a habits, when it leads to the downward of our career, when it leads to the stage of addictions, when you feel you can’t control it then it becomes bad . Very often it turns out to be a nightmare. Fun and entertainments equally needed for life, nevertheless one should choose the lawful and right way of entertainment and acts of pleasures. You may be wondering why did not I particularly mention those sorts of random living style? Because all of us can figure out what it would be.
     Many of us trapped in habits or behaviors that we regularly do and exhibits. This may be one among the habits, behavior, addiction, attitude which serious blocks you and pulls you down, and it does not let you do what you wanted to do. We have taken many attempts to get rid of it, probably we never able to do it. This so-called habits and behavior may give pleasures but leads to an unpleasant ends.I, consider this negative forces can be a bad habit, can be an addiction and can be our negative attitudes, that is enough to stop you from building a career or healthy life.
ADDICTED TO SMART PHONE-When habit becomes an addiction.
Many of us do not agree with me that this has become an addiction for all of us. How do we know that we addicted to the smartphone?
  • When we reach a level and feel like life is difficult and impossible without a smartphone.
  • When the smartphone become our priority at every time.
  • When our precious time consumes by the use of the smartphone.
  • When people who love us and are affected and disturbed by the way we use the  smartphone
If this above instance is taking place, it means we are already addicted to it. It may be one Pull factor that always kills our time and productivity. It not only diverts us but also destroys the creativity and peace of mind. It indirectly stops your mind to work and you won’t get an original thought, innovative and creative ideas. For every query, you try to use a smartphone instead of using your own brain.
Pornography or Porn-Addiction-When Pleasures becomes an addiction
Watching porn and becoming addicted to it can lead to many negative consequences. It is considered a behavioral addiction. This is one of the strongest pull factors that can stop you from concentration. Being severely involved in sexual practice may block you going ahead. It has the power to make your mind sick and unhealthy. You are addicted to it;
  • When we are not able to stop watching porn or stop from the behavior associated with porn.
  • When we experience that we are longing for porn desperately.
  • When we exhibit angry, show hostile behavior or becoming irritable when one caught us watching porn and ask you to stop watching the porn.
  • When we develop a sense of feeling guilty or feel ashamed and work hard to hide his/her porn viewing.
The one who is addicted to it may love to spend much of the day and night in viewing pornography. Some even say it can be just as devastating as the consequences of drug addiction.
The attitude of procrastination (Postponing)
Whoever you may be if you have the negative attitude surely it will pull you down it will stop you doing the work or may stop you making your dream come true. I would like to quoted
The mind its own place and it can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven”
-By John Milton
We all have a few or more negative attitudes. However, I am discussing in this passage is about an attitude of postponing the important work and activities. The achievement will be difficult for them who always procrastinate, who live a life of having an attitude of keeping the work for tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes for them. Gradually they develop a tendency of giving excuses for their failures.
Procrastination can make you miss out on countless opportunities. If you are habituated to procrastinate, it may prevent you from meeting deadlines or achieving your goals.
This three full factors, bad habit, an addiction, and negative attitude are severely affecting our daily living.
If you feel that these forces are controlling your life or your life is driven by these forces that means; you are walking on a dangerous track. It may be the right time for you to fight back against those negative forces with all your might. The time for self-transformation and the time for redefining yourself Forget about what happened to you. Think about how you like to see yourself in the coming days. Following are the few tips that can be adopted if we struggle with these negative forces.
Suggestive Measures
  • Stay connected with good friends and relative, be in touch with those who positively inspire you.
  • Adopt some good practices.
  • Make a systematic routine life and try to adhere to it and engage yourself with a set of productive activities.
  • Cultivate solid determination and slowly workout on.
  • Read religious,motivational,and moral story books.
  • Think about your family problem, remember your father and mother how much they love you and work hard day and night for you.
  • Look at your enemies and competitors and be serious and be motivated.
    I do not have any magical tips to fight with these negative forces. However this practical application certainly able to help in many ways. Remember! Life can give you time and opportunities and it can take your time and opportunity too. Make an attempt to transform and see a progressive change in life.
    "Determination, commitments, hard work are the language of wise,
     Procrastination, complain, and excuses are the language of the fool"


  1. It's very true that when one person guides us like U, we (youth) ignores such guidance bcz we think we know everything and we are in a right path. Later on after we experiences all mentioned above we remember , "Yaa there was a person who had one's aware us of such habits.

    Feeling blessed to read such valuable words from you SIR....

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