Top 17 Digital Libraries for you

The Book has always been an essential part of our academic and professional life. There is a saying when you read the book; it gives a new perspective to life and understanding. Reading books can activate a sense of imagination and creativity. It not only makes us educate but also has the potential to transform lives. If you are the one who loves reading books or working in the academic field or the one who is looking for books, journals, articles to meet academic requirements but could not able to do so, due to lack of resources and being not able to get the same from the traditional physical library. However, You can look for other alternatives to find your favorite books. Your requirement can be met through a digital library. Let's see some of the best digital libraries for books and reading materials. These sites will make your reading easy.

The wold digital library is the project of U.S library of Congress and carries out it operation with the support of  United Nation Education, Scientific, Cultural Organization (UNESCO)The World Digital Library site includes books, maps, manuscripts, newspapers, prints photographs, and sound recording. The World Digital Library can be used by anyone students, teachers, scholars, and the general public.

The Project Gutenberg provides access to 75,000 free ebooks, kindle ebook can be downloaded and read online network. The readers can find the world's great literature on this site. It was founded in 1971 by American writer Micheal S. Hart, this is an eminent and oldest digital library in the world.

This site provides immense collections of books, for consultation, essays, novels, and poetry. It was founded in the year 1993, January by Steven H.Van Leeuwen.It was under the name project Bartleby, now it is known as "New Bartleby Library". This site can give access to  400.000 essays.

No doubt, all of us know the Google books, it is the popular and largest digital library for downloading ebooks and audio clips. Google claims to be the largest Ebooks collection in the world.

This is a site having a collection of ebooks, magazines, essays, and software. This site is considered as 'collections of collections"It is a public library and it provides free access to music, literature, arts, history, science, politics and cultural studies. The site is having 16 million transactions per day.

The open library is open editable library catalog building towards a web page for every book ever published. More than one million books of classic literature are available. It provides access to many public domains and out of print books which can be read online.

It is an online commercial digital library of books and articles, it emphasizes on the books and the journals related to social sciences and humanities. It was founded in the year 1998. The site provides free information free of charge including several public domain works

8- Internet Public Library

The Internet public library is a public service organization. It was launched in the year 1995 march 17. At present, the site is not updated, but the website can be used.

9-Red Print

The Red Print is the online library you can able to access thousands of online books and discovered new books and recommendations. It gives access to join in books clubs and groups. All the service are entirely free.


It is a social cataloging website that allows individuals to freely search its database of books. Goodreads was launched in the year 2006. It is working for helping people to share their books they like. Till date, 2.2 million books have been added. it is owned by


 WorldCat was started in the year 1967, it is a union catalog that breaks down 72,000 libraries in 72 countries. It connects you to the collections and services of 10.000 libraries around the world. This website is very much good for searching for popular books, magazines, and CDs.


 Feedbooks was launched in 2007. Feedbooks is a digital library and providing cloud publishing services. This one of the popular digital library site. The aim of this web is to provide e-books.

13 Library Genesis

Library Genesis is the books and article searching site and it allows the reader to free access to its content. The library states that it contains more than 2.7 million books and 58 science magazine files. The site may be very much useful for the reader of all kinds.


The scribed launched the first world's opening publishing platform. It is a digital Library provides free ebooks and audiobooks. The Scribed has 700,000 paying subscribers.

15-National Digital Library of India

The national digital library of India is a project under the Ministry of Human Resources Development. The objective is to integrate several digital libraries into a single web portal. The users of the site have been reached to more than 1,200,000. The site has more than 60 types of learning resources in more than 70 languages. The educations materials are available from the school level to the postgraduate level.

16- Chest of Books

The site provides access to free books for your reading enjoyment. There are more than 28 topics under the topic you can search for your favorite books and magazines.

17-Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a nonprofit digital library having declared mission of providing "universal access to all knowledge" it provides free public access to the collections of digitalized materials, including websites and software applications. It is one of the popular digital library of the world based in San Francisco.


I hope this above brief description of Digital Libraries will be helpful and informative for you


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