Sometime Think Beyond Your Regular Official Job

Many of us would like to do conventional pattern of jobs after our graduation and post-graduation. There are few who imagine beyond of doing just a job or becoming an employee of an organization and they become successful at their endeavour. Having grown up in the society we are always been encouraged to get an employment after formal education and its makes us very limited and less creative. When we have job we are confined to the job responsibilities and assignments and we give our best for our organization. I do not mean that being in the formal employment is a bad choice, but what I am trying to discuss is to becoming financially self-dependent and self-reliant. How does someone become financially self-dependent and self-reliant? There are many ways of becoming self-dependent while continuing the education or being in the house.

There are two factors which have the solid potential to transform our dreams into the reality. The internal factor includes strong motivation and an immense determination, the external factor refers to the hard work and strong discipline with good habits. This may sound very philosophical and general advice but it really works.

Instead of going for an employment after the formal education, we can start our self-employment work which are having wide scope for earning and recognition. However, this may not be as easy as it looks like but certainly can be achieved, if the amount of hard work and discipline invested in it.Lets discuss the ways that we can go about while remaining at home and while having education.

Fellowship Programmes

If we are students this can be platform for having wide range of experiences. It will facilitate self and professional development. This can be short term opportunity for few month and year as well. Generally, this programs are sponsored by few organizations, foundations and government agencies as a part of their projects and programs. The basic objectives of the fellowship programs are to create and cultivate emerging leader and social change maker. Some of the fellowship programs are paid opportunities for the aspirants. Following are the few list of fellowships program
  1. Teach for India Fellowship
  2. Gandhi Fellowship
  3. Young India Fellowship
  4.   William J Clinton Fellowship
  5. Lamp Fellowship(Legislative Assistants to member of Parliament
  6. Ajim Premji Fellowship Program
  7. Indian Fellow 
  8.   PMRD (Prime Minister Rural Development )Fellowship program
  9. Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship
  10.  JC Boss National Fellowship
  11.      Young engineering Fellowship Program
  12. Abdul Kalam Technology innovation National Fellowship
This above list of the programs are not meant for earning money but certainly it will provide progressive experience to create a means for earning money or may give many ideas for becoming an entrepreneur and social change maker.

Home Based Business Ideas

Apart from doing o 9 am to 5 pm job we can start our own Home based business. The students or the professionals who are engaged in full time activities can have part time business activities. Business can be the best way of earning money, it requires some investment, time, and planning. There are many example of the persons who have not only successful in the business but also have earned reputation for their work. Few business ideas are mentioned below.

·         Private Tutor (Tuition centre)in specialized subjects
·         Caching institutions
·         Translation Service Provider
·         Opening Book Shop and library  
·         Yoga instructor
·         Event Consultancy
·         Hair Saloon and beauty parlour
·         Data entry consultancy
·         Vegetable home delivery service
·         Proposal or grant writer
·         Garment tailoring business
·         Marriage counselling centres
·         Clinic centre and so many
·         Clinic centre and so many
·         Bricks making business
·         Cloth bag making
·         Product aggregator business
·         Franchise model room rent services
·         Travel Agencies aggregator
·         Households service agencies

The above home based business ideas that can be worked upon, if we have any other creative business plan than go ahead to make this happen without delaying any more.
Online Business Ideas

There are so many online business activities emerged out rapidly and proliferated worldwide over the present decade. The decade will be remembered for the decade of information technology and Internet communication. It seems impossible to live the life without the Internet. It has made the world into a small village. Business online has become and popular anyone can make living through this online business Following are some list of online business.
·         Affiliate Marketing
·         Internet Research
·         Freelancer
·         Online Data Entry
·         Youtube Video Making
·         E -sellers on Amazon,Flipkart,Snapdeal.Ebay,
·         Blogging
·         Online Training and Consultancy
·         Virtual Assistant
These above list are few online business ideas, however, there are many more, we can personally do research on those business ideas and make a start .Without investment we can start those above business. This above description may not be comprehensive information, but provides brief outline of an idea that we can think beyond of formal official job.


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